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Those days are gone when we may have multiple partners without the use of a condom, and other safe sex practices.

Safe sex is about keeping yourself, your partner, protected from the complications of unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted disease.

Although the idea of safe sex seems easy enough to understand, many people -- young people in particular -- appear to be missing the idea, or missing the idea of how to accomplish safe sex. And just how safe and reliable is that condom when it comes right down to it? A condom can't promise 100% protection from AIDS or from pregnancy.

For guys for example, more problems with practicing safe sex is knowing how to take the time to ...

(a) use a condom ready
(b) know how to use it properly, and
(c) take time to use it.

It's important to educate young adults today from the proper use of condoms so they understand when and how to have used them. There's no reason to using a condom ready if neither partner will take time to enforce its use. In a very practical sense, however, although a condom is normally worn by the husband or boyfriend during heterosexual intercourse (and typically by each partner in a homosexual one), the duty for proper condom-IQ is borne by each partner.

Fortunately, there are more and more products appearing on the market to help people to plan for safe sex and practice this technique of responsible intercourse. Since both contraception pill and the condom aren't 100% effective, combining using each of them together increases your chances of staying safe.

It's also vital to be aware of a partner's sexual history, and to seek 'medical clearance' before participating in a new relationship. This is particularly essential for those in polygamous relationships (multiple sexual partner each time), because a 'chain' of unsafe sex can start with any partner and spread rapidly through the previously healthy group.

The best way that there are going to be less unwanted pregnancies, and fewer transmission of STD's is if all sexually active people - both young and old -- are educated in the concepts of safe sex and what it means to them. In particular, in areas where access to info is more challenging (such as some underprivileged areas), it's vital that communities step forward and provide this education.

Young men, particularly, need to understand the implications and risks of unprotected sex and what it really can mean to their lives whenever they have an unwanted pregnancy or find out they have a STD. Safe sex starts with education and knowledge, neither of which any young teen can perform without.
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